Behind the Design: The Mini GG PLUS

Behind the Design: The Mini GG PLUS
Our best selling Mini GG just got better.
Introducing the Mini GG Plus - the everlasting style that transitions perfectly from day-to-night.

When it comes to multifuntionality- GG Maull is at the forefront in creating hands-free and STYLISH handbags that allow women to carry the tools they need to conquer the world. A small step-up in size from the original Mini GG, the Plus allows to to carry an iPhone Plus WITH a case (along with all of your other day-to-day essentials).
Our designer Gretchen was inspired by the waves of the ocean. When it came to making the waves happened she knew it needed to be LUXE. What has a better sparkle and shine than Swarovski Crystals? We reached out to a top embroidery company in NYC who work with some of the biggest names in fashion.
[FUN FACT: our Mini GG Plus production was happening at the same time as the Met Gala and some of your favorite dresses from the red carpet were probably being made the same time as your new favorite Mini!]
We had to ask Gretchen...
How did you find the inspiration to design the Mini GG Plus?
I always am inspired when I am by the ocean. The soft curves and sounds of the waves I find soothing. I wanted to incorporate my love for the beach in a summer handbag. The Rainbow Waves was inspired when there was a beautiful rainbow over the ocean by our home in Bridgehampton.
What do the waves represent?
The waves represent the flow of life, the ups and downs we experience as we embark everyday on an adventure. I believe all women should have the inner confidence to follow her dreams. The waves are a beautiful reminder for her of the journey she is on.
Why was the size change made for the Plus?
We love hearing feedback directly from YOU! GG Rebels asked us to enlarge our Mini GG to fit an iPhone Plus with a case on it. Plus, we added a handsfree element so this can be worn around your waist as a belt bag. The colorful crystals are our way of making the woman who wears it smile.

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