GG’s Guide to Aspen

GG’s Guide to Aspen

Welcome back, Rebels!

Three influential friends and I broke the ice this winter by embarking on an adventure from New York to Colorado, where we had the ultimate rebels weekend with my signature multi-wear bags and patented holsters.

When you aren’t equipped with the right bag, traveling can be exhausting and stressful. As women, we have to be mobile, but alert, secure, but unrestricted, and because we already have so much to balance in our everyday lives, we’d rather be relishing the sights with our friends instead of rushing through them while we sift the bottom of our bags for our phones and wallets.

We’ve all been there, and at GG Maull, we understand. That’s why I designed the Grande GG and Rebel Holster with hands-free options, multi-wear features, and interchangeable insert pouches to boot.  My aspiration in developing these unique functional features is to give women the feeling of lightness, freedom, strength, and security no matter where they are! 

FUN Fact: Women spend on average 76 days of their lives looking for stuff in their bags.

Join us as we look back on the events that made our trip memorable and be sure to read on for some of our rad Aspen recommendations. There’s no better way to lure you to the hands-free side than to show you how our Rebel Holster and belt bag can open up your world, especially when traveling, and trying new things! With a little help from my band of Rebel bloggers Lily, Javvy, and Shameda, we’re going to explore just how liberating it can be to globetrot GG style.

We began our hands-free Aspen adventure at Whole Foods, where we stopped to gather some healthy goodies for the weekend. Being able to sip on a delicious kale and beet juice as I pushed the cart, with my detachable pouch secured around my wrist, gave me an incredible sense of preparedness. I knew I had everything I needed at that moment, so I didn’t have the anxious feeling of having misplaced my wallet as I left my Grande GG behind in the car. More importantly, though, carrying fewer things makes me feel more in tune with the moment and free to enjoy my time with my friends.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Aspen without skiing! We couldn’t wait to get out and live the day in the mountains, so as soon as we got settled, we hit the slopes on Snowmass. Snowmass Mountain is the perfect spot for beginners like our very own Rebel, Shameda, who broke out the ski gear for the first time that weekend.

Yass, girl! And the premier item on any skier’s shopping list? The Rebel Holster by GG Maull, for a transcendent hands-free experience. Shameda was better able to enjoy her first ever time skiing because she never had to stop to readjust her bag or struggle to open it while wearing gloves or holding ski equipment. And when you don’t have to worry about the security of your bag, skiing feels like flying free. What's more, I created the Rebel Holster with even weight distribution in mind, so you feel light and agile on your feet, even if you've never gone skiing before.

I wore my gold Rebel Holster as a belt bag, where I kept all my essentials—keys, cash, cards, chapstick, and phone. I had easy access to everything, and I could listen to music and even snap a few photos of the stunning mountain terrain while I skied. Also, I had to keep my Aspen Card (both a ski pass and a credit card) in my coat pocket, and it couldn't be held in the same pocket as my cellphone, or else it wouldn’t have worked. Luckily, I was able to put my iPhone in my Rebel belt bag and leave my Aspen Card in my pocket, so it worked without me having to take off my gloves and scan it manually. Also, ski jackets, snow pants, and wintertime layers can sometimes feel burdensome, so wearing the holster as a belt bag was a savvy way to lighten the load! 

After a long day of skiing, we opted for a sushi night at Matsuhisa. We all got to relax amongst a tranquil atmosphere while enjoying the same wonderful comfort food we love from Nobu, plus a wild New Style salmon sashimi. The lychee martini and saketini (which is just as awesome as it sounds) were our drinks of choice. And our bag of choice? The Rebel Holster, because it’s just as fashionable as it is functional.

The next day we woke up feeling refreshed and ready for another beautiful winter morning out on the slopes. But first, we grabbed brunch at Prospect, where we had a fantastic view of the winter treescape while we noshed on hors d'oeuvres. Pro tip: If you come to Hotel Jerome, you must get the hummus with Brussels sprouts—SO GOOD.

I wore my Grande GG in a lush jungle green over the shoulder for that perfect daytime look. The real highlight, though, was that I was able to place my tampons and cosmetics into my essential pouch and bring it with me to the bathroom the while my bag sat safely with my friends.

Next, we trekked over to the Highlands Mountain for the Aspen Highlands experience, which was breathtaking in every way imaginable. These slopes are a little more difficult than those of Snowmass, but my Rebel crew and I scaled them like trained athletes, with our holsters at the ready! Then we took a little time at the Cloud 9 aprés-ski to chill out alongside some bubbly and seafood tower, all while dancing to some amazing tunes with our hands in the air. Sharing in this moment of pure joy and release was so rewarding--so was seeing my friends move confidently and freely!

Kit, our ski instructor from Rich Valley Adventures, was an amazing and patient teacher, and our photographer for all our great ski shots. It was like hiring a boyfriend who taught you how to ski, carried our skis, and made sure we ate something nutritious while drinking champagne at Cloud 9! He taught us at all levels from first-time to advanced skiers. We give our thanks to Kit for his guidance and a shout out to that snow-chilled bubbly (no kind is better!)

Later that night we were dressed to impress at the E.M.P Winter House, St. Regis for a sumptuous meal of foie gras, scallop with yuzu and toasted pistachio, and king crab tagliatelle. I wore my Grande GG as a top-handle, and Lily paired her black Rebel holster with a floral dress for an edgy femme look. It was more than an accessory—it was part of the outfit. The Grande GG in Jungle and black Rebel Holster transformed so seamlessly from daywear to evening wear; it was almost hard to believe we were using the same bags!

As the weekend came to a close, we decided we wanted to try something new and a little different, so we headed out to Bosq, whose menu comprises bio-dynamic food grown and raised on the land of Sustainable Settings. Sustainability is entirely in line with GG Maull’s practice of exercising sustainable choices by crafting environmentally informed designs. It was so gratifying to support a restaurant whose mission is to change the way we eat and experience food, we all left Aspen feeling inspired.

This remarkable quartet of GG Rebels will be returning to Aspen for more multi-wear fun and snowy thrills in the future! Visiting Aspen is well worth the time, and we hope you use our GG’s Guide to Aspen for your next visit!

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