Who holds the power of purchase?

Who holds the power of purchase?

According to Nielsen Consumer Insights, women in the U.S. control $5 to $15 trillion in annual spending, and over $20 trillion worldwide! More than that, women account for 85% of consumer purchases. And over the next decade, women will control two-thirds of all consumer wealth in the United States alone.
Rebels, we’re more than an economic force—we have the power to save the WORLD!

Whether you’re the CEO of your own startup, head of household, or just embarking on your career path, your choices matter! We at GG Maull wholeheartedly believe that women can make a huge difference in the world by using our power to finance sustainable and life changing brands. Above all, we advocate for women supporting women!

Supporting other businesses isn’t a deterrent; it only makes us more successful. By backing women-run businesses, we become stronger, as a business, and as a community. Because it isn’t about profit, it’s about reciprocity! In order to spark change in a climate in which women-owned businesses represent 40% the U.S. economy but only 4.2% of the revenue, we must step up to the plate side by side.

GG Maull’s vision has always been to lift women up. We want to empower women to achieve their ambitions, and take pleasure in their experiences as active, impactful, and contributing citizens of the world. In honor of that vision, we decided to introduce our Power of Purchase event!

GG Maull teamed up with several female-founded brands including Belles & Becks, Bole Road Textiles, Boombox, Emilie Heath, Fresh, Kali Boxes, Mache NYC, Sunday Forever, and Ricciardi Jewelry, to host a women-led trunk show. Each station displayed unique and beautiful items developed by women, and each became a space for laughter, joyful discussion, mutual support, and exchange. 

The Power of Purchase trunk show wasn’t just a trunk show—it was an inspiration. To see so many women engage with one another in harmony is what we LIVE for!

During our Power of Purchase trunk show, two panel discussions were held.

GG Maull’s founder Gretchen Maull, F-Project founder Erika Szychowski, Kali Boxes founder & CEO Jonna PiiraChristina Geist founder of BoomBox, and Leota founder Sarah Carson, who discussed how to connect with women customers in a saturated market and offered advice on how to lift women up vis-á-vis your brand.

Gretchen spoke about her 10-year experience designing for Missoni, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture, and how she took it upon herself to launch GG Maull, a brand characterized by high functionality, aesthetics, and purpose, when she noticed her female friends and colleagues struggling to fill multiple roles, all while being physically weighed down. This became the catalyst for the handbag that can change along with a woman’s role. It’s not just about the handbag, it’s about what you DO while you carry it!

The camaraderie among the women at our Power of Purchase panel was incredible. And not just between the women speaking, but among the women participating! The audience provided our panel with such observant, insightful answers when asked how we can make it easier for women to shop from female-founded businesses. We’ve learned and grown so much just by listening!

The room was abuzz with the power of female energy when our next panel began.

Homepolish Interior Designer Ashlie Broderic, Bolé Road Textiles founder Hana Getachew, Amber Tolliver of Liberté, Emily Heath Rudman of Emilie Heath, and Remedy Organics founder Cindy Kasindorf spoke on the difficulties of securing funding and how to thrive in male dominated fields.

We all agreed that in order to succeed we have to be stronger, and women are stronger when we support each other!

The Power of Purchase Panel & Trunk show would not have been possible without Jessica Spitzer, Business Development Manager at Homepolish and marvelous panel moderator, the female founders who served as the inspiration and impetus for the event, the female founders and vendors at Remedy Organics, Bobo’s, I Heart Keenwah, Smart Sweets who provided us with delicious, healthy refreshments, our team at GG Maull, and our fantastic Rebel squadra! It just goes to show that women accomplish great things when we are united.

Still experiencing FOMO? Our next Voice Your Vision event is just around the corner!

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