Veronica Webb x GG MAULL: The Spirit of Collaboration!

Veronica Webb x GG MAULL: The Spirit of Collaboration!

      Ten years ago, our founder Gretchen Maull and her friend Veronica Webb, model, and pro-aging beauty guru were looking to build their brands. Gretchen came to Veronica for advice on how to establish her fledgling concept for functional handbags, and Veronica told her to stay true to her principles by VOICING her VISION! After designing accessories for major fashion brands like Juicy Couture and Oscar de la Renta, Gretchen took the leap to launch GG Maull, a testament to risk-taking women everywhere.

Now, GG Maull x Veronica Webb has created the Mini-Webb Backpack, a bag that will lift women up! Its striking multi-wear features, including adjustable straps, interior credit card, phone, and glasses pockets, were designed to help active women achieve their goals! 

     Its high-level functionality is a beacon of light for women who perform multiple roles throughout their day. Too often do we find ourselves straddling the line between what is comfortable and what is fashionable. With GG Maull x Veronica Webb’s Mini Webb, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. When you're willing to take a risk, you can have it both ways!

     On the evening of October 18th, GG Rebels and risk-takers convened at Maison, a “new kind of club on the Upper East Side designed for women who need a little room for themselves,” The chic women’s haven conceived by founder Ashley Wu became the heart of GG Maull’s third Voice Your Vision event. This Voice Your Vision celebrated the spirit of creative collaboration and the incredible successes achieved when women work together!

   So many wonderful women, talented designers, and allies came to our event to wine-down and strike up conversation with exciting new people; mothers, business-owners, young professionals, artists--unique, funny, intelligent women who know what they want in a bag!

          "Can we put gold python on everything?" one woman quipped while posing with our Mini Webb Backpack in Big-time Brown. The most popular opinion and one of our favorite ideas of the night called for more handbag designs with textured and contrasting materials. And what about a detachable backpack top-handle featuring our signature interlocking Gs as functional hardware? Love it!

      There was no shortage of creativity between our loyal GG Rebels and our fabulous newcomers. Your feedback informs our creative work, and your support allows us to continue designing with purpose, joy, and an affinity for avant-garde aesthetics and functionality. Thank you for VOICING YOUR VISION!

If you’re new to GG Maull, you may be wondering, “What is Voice Your Vision? What will it accomplish?"

During the Voice Your Vision process, we present imaginative designs in fresh, custom colors (made in-house, by us!) The bags are available for pre-purchase, and you get to vote for which colorway we produce! Each one of our limited silhouettes are numbered according to how many handbags we produce, so you know you’re getting a singular work of art. We see fashion as a craft, an act of rebellion, a mode of self-expression, and a love story. It is anything but disposable!

"I don't know if I want to be a Rebel. Can I still attend the Voice Your Vision events, even if I just learned about GG Maull?"

Yes, yes, and yes!  

Why Voice Your Vision?

Support our women-run business! Female Founded Companies like GG Maull LACK FUNDING. 39% of US companies are founded by women, but less than 2% of all venture capital goes to female founders, and fewer than 8% of investors are women. With your pre-purchase, we can pay the wages of our all-female GG team, Italian artisans, and NYC pattern maker.

Help indie brands thrive! More than 3,800 small stores closed across the US in 2018. 22% of retail stores carrying GG Maull closed that same year.

Partake in the design process! GG Maull believes in the POWER OF THE PURSE! When it comes to production, we want to place the decision making power in your hands. We’ve incorporated customer feedback into our new designs, and we always want more! Come to our future events, try on our bags, feel the materials, and tell us what you think—VOTE!

Become an eco-trendsetter! GG Maull yields ZERO waste. Our Mini-Webb Backpack is handcrafted with beautiful Italian nappa leather, upcycled python, and lots of love.

Change their minds! An elegant, multi-wear handbag is more than a luxury—it’s sophisticated equipment. We need to stop denouncing women’s products as superfluous, frivolous, or extravagant. They have as much value as the women who use them! 

Your bag is your armor! It should be made to last—by you, FOR you!

 How do I Participate?


Step 2: Meet the Mini Webb Backpack in all her eye-popping variations.

Step 3: Select the colorway that sparks joy for you! Vote for the bag of your DREAMS or pre-purchase it at a $200 discount!

Step 4: Start living your best hands-free life.

    That’s all it takes to become a Rebel! In just four steps, you can support one female-founded business, and learn more about how you can help other female-founded companies!

Feel like you missed out on a great opportunity? It’s not too late! You can cast your vote and pre-purchase the Mini Webb Backpack in person at our Final Vote Party on November 19th, where you’ll be able to connect with other female entrepreneurs and their brands. Join us at 165 East 66th Street and let your voice be heard! 


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