Feeling light and free is a mindset,
not a location.
Go there with GG Maull!

Power Belt Bag
Power Belt Bag
Rebel Belt Bag
Rebel Belt Bag

GG's Guide to Japan

元気,Rebels?! GG Maull goes East—no, not to the Hamptons—to Japan! Follow Gretchen, her husband, and her favorite handbags on a sensational trip across Tokyo, Kyoto and Naoshima. 

Veronica Webb x GG MAULL: The Spirit of Collaboration!

 Ten years ago, our founder Gretchen Maull and her friend Veronica Webb, model, and pro-aging beauty guru were looking to build their brands. Gretchen came to Veronica for advice on how to establish her fledgling concept for functional handbags, and Veronica told her to stay true to her principles by VOICING her VISION! 

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