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Created by Gretchen Maull

I believe in only having things in my life that "spark joy". When I nearly lost my sister to a horrific car accident, I was coming face to face with life's fragility. I had been in the hospital waiting room for hours, anxious and desperate to hear whether my sister would make it, when the doctor finally announced that she would make it through the night. My now-husband gifted me a beautiful pair of black and emerald earrings. In the moment, in the ICU waiting area, this is not something I was expecting or felt I could be present to, but he insisted, "If these bring you joy for two minutes, that's two minutes of joy you need right now."

Joy in the face of such incredible adversity. That moment laid the groundwork for my drive to empower women and equip them to live their lives to the fullest. I looked around me and saw all these women in New York struggling to perform multiple roles and responsibilities: building a career, being a sensitive friend, achieving their health and fitness goals, dating eligible partners, having a rich social life, becoming an adult, leading a community, caring for others around them, becoming a solid partner, managing a household, raising a family, taking conscious care of themselves, and being socially responsible citizens.

 In all of these pursuits, I found the women I came across being weighed down physically and emotionally. I was inspired to take my 10-year experience in handbag design under prestigious fashion labels, such as Proenza Schouler, Missoni, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture to create my own brand characterized by functionality, aesthetics and purpose: GG MAULL. 


Gretchen Maull,  Founder & Designer



  • Multi-wear
  • Hands-free options
  • Interchangeable insert pouches
  • Designed with your active, diverse lifestyle in mind
  • Even weight distribution


  • Hand drawn and designed in New York by a female
  • Special care to craft beauty and quality into each detail
  • Exclusive leather colors
  • Signature designed hardware
  • Semi-precious stones


  • Conscious capitalism
  • Crafted by skilled artisans in Italy
  • Supporting a woman-designed & owned entrepreneurial vision that gives back
  • Produced in small batches to minimize environmental footprint
  • Lifetime guarantee


GG Maull delivers functionality through handbags that can be worn multiple ways, including hands-free, with removable pouches that make it easy to change between handbags, and with even weight distribution.

My objective in delivering these unique functionality features is to provide customers the feelings of lightness, freedom, strength and security. I used to observe my husband “preparing” to leave the house with astonishment that all he needs to do is grab his cell phone and wallet.  In contrast, I felt compelled to have a bag that gave me the ability to contend with my expectations for the day ahead.

I saw my female peers similarly overwhelmed, and I saw them overloaded by the large quantity of stuff that they carry around with them.  And this weight physically hindered them from engaging in the activities and from being as agile as they would want to be. With GG Maull, I found a way to transform that.

Women fill multiple roles during the day, from perhaps mother in the morning to executive by day to sexy dinner companion or concert-goer at night. And while these roles certainly bear their respective shares of responsibilities, women don’t have to feel anchored down any more.  With the GG Maull “multi-wear” approach, every woman can feel that as her role transitions, so can her handbag.

For example, the hands-free Rebel Holster and Belt Bag were designed specifically with multi-faceted women in mind to give them the feelings of lightness, freedom and preparedness that currently aren’t accessible to them.

For example, the magnetic snaps on the removable insertable pouches in the Grande GG were designed to address the age-old challenge of switching between bags with our signature details that empower women with preparedness: a way to keep essentials accessible and a means to save time, ease stress, and remain fashionable by making it possible to freely transition from one bag to another.


GG Maull’s value of aesthetics is infused into every aspect of the brand.

It is important to me that each handbag produced is a labor of love without taking any shortcuts from the design to production to the customer experience. I take pride in designing and sketching technical specifications in-house, custom-creating unique colors for our leather and skins, creating one-of-a-kind thoughtfully crafted hardware including our signature interlocking GG’s in the chain, logo embossed belt buckle, and semi-precious stones such as tiger’s eye, moonstone and hematite hand-embedded into our studs.

Through my lifetime immersion in art and beauty plus my decade of experience in designing handbags for luxury brands in Milan and NYC, I bring a distinct flair for artistry that is in each detail of GG Maull. Wearing an aesthetically hand-crafted GG Maull bag gives women the experience of beauty and confidence. In a world that makes it difficult for women to feel feminine and powerful GG Maull becomes a kind of armor for them.


GG Maull delivers customers a sense of purpose by leaning into conscious capitalism. At all layers of our production process, we pay homage to the era before fast fashion by exercising sustainably responsible choices.

To maintain the GG Maull commitment to high quality and ethics, all our leather is sourced in Italy, where the strictest regulations are applied to tanneries in terms of environmental sensitivity and respect for human capital

Further, I travel to Italy to source leather and python skins by personally visiting each tannery and factory to oversee that these regulations along with GG Maull’s standards are being put into practice.

The artisans who handcraft GG Maull bags work in comfortable, safe conditionsand are paid commensurate to the talent, skills, and care that they apply to each GG Maull handbag; we believe that honoring these artisans and bringing them into our process is essential to running an ethical company.  

Another way that GG Maull takes a stand for conscious capitalism is to produce each SKU (i.e., silhouette and color) in small batches in order to limit degradation of the environment as our esteemed artisans hand craft each bag with love and care, and with the quality to last a lifetime.  

GG Maull customers enjoy a sense of pride in the values that their brand choice represents: supporting a female-owned and female-designed handbag entrepreneur, supporting Italian artisans who are shown appreciation by our team, and supporting a sensitivity for environmental sustainability

GG Maull bags symbolically and literally become a key partner that supports women in achieving their purpose. In a fast-paced world in which fashion is too often perceived as disposable, carrying a handbag made with time, love, and an ethical sensibility becomes a form of self-care.


We deliver customers a sense of purpose by leaning into conscious capitalism. At all layers of our production process, we pay homage to the era before fast fashion by exercising sustainably responsible choices.



EST 2001


After I attended university in Milan at Istituto Marangoni, it was only natural to produce handbags in a country I had grown to love, Italy. After a year of scouring the country with few leads, I found a small factory outside of Bergamo that was perfect for GG Maull. After months of negotiations, a deal was made for our first production run. Days before the cutting began I learned how large fashion companies are able to monopolize the fashion industry. A leading luxury goods company refused to let this factory work with us and increased their production to beyond maximum capacity, essentially boxing GG Maull out.

I wondered if it was possible for a start-up designer with low minimums, no track record and a big dream to find a skilled and reliable factory?

On my 5th trip back to Italy to vet factories, I found a beautiful company in Emilia Romangna that produced handbags for Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and Prada. My second time visiting the factory, the owner delivered the bad news, he could not work with us. Sensing my rejection, the owner introduced me to his two sons who had just began building their own small factory int he town next door. They were young and ambitious like me, and we hit it off. Maurizio, the charming owner, drove us to tour his young factory in Anzola D'Emillia and the rest is handbag history!


Maurizio began working with leather goods at the age of 14. He is a true Italian artisan. We began working together in 2015 to produce GG Maull’s debut handbag collection. It has been a pleasure to watch him work with top craftsmen, seamstresses and pattern makers from around Italy. Most of these artisans were working for his father and have personally decided to assist Maurizio in building his own business. His skills, kindness and serenity give an atmosphere of admiration amongst the team. 

A group of 8 artisans produce our entire handbag order in Italy by hand. The factory has a familiar spirit. Maurizio's wife and two daughters come for lunch or after school to lend a hand. When you purchase a GG Maull Handbag, you are not only supporting our small tenacious team in New York City but also our Italian artisans. Love and care is put into each and every GG Maull handbag by every hand in Italy and the USA.

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