Welcome to the world of GG Maull. I have built this brand to empower women and give them the tools they need to live their most daring and fulfilling lives. GG Maull is founded on three core principles that I try to abide by in everything that I do: Functionality, Aesthetics & Purpose.

But before we head into those details, I want to share with you the most important focus. Above all else, I believe in concentrating on things in my life that spark joy.  Several years ago I nearly lost my sister to a horrific car accident, which brought me face-to-face with life’s fragility. In the darkest hours of that tragedy, my husband gifted me a beautiful pair of black and emerald earrings. This is not something I was expecting in that moment but he insisted, “If these bring you joy for two minutes, that’s two minutes of joy you need now more than ever.”

This concept struck a chord deep in my heart and drives me today to bring joy to others through design, equipping them to live their lives to the absolute fullest. It was in that moment that I decided to take my 10-year experience in handbag design under prestigious fashion labels and launch my own brand – I want to be the architect of my own future! 

The root of my commitment to functionality comes from what I see every day – women in New York City.  I see us all constantly struggling to perform multiple roles: building a career, caring for friends and loved ones, exercising and self-care, dating and maintaining a social life, leading a community, becoming a solid partner, managing a household, raising a family, and being socially responsible citizens….to name only a few.  We have to arm ourselves with endless tools of preparedness to get us through the day – it can be so overwhelming as we schlep around the city with giant bags containing all of life’s necessities!  Yet each morning I watch my husband leave the house, taking only his cellphone, keys and wallet, totally unencumbered. 

This glaring discrepancy inspired me to take my experience designing for Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture to find a solution!  And so the signature GG Maull multi-wear concept was born.  Everything that I design can be worn several ways, often including hands-free, with removable pouches to easily switch between bags, and even weight distribution. These features give my customers the feelings of lightness, freedom, strength and security.

Next on the list of values is aesthetics.  It is so important to me that each handbag produced is a labor of love that takes no shortcuts, from design to production to the customer experience. I take great pride in sketching technical specifications in-house, custom-creating unique colors for our leather and skins, crafting thoughtful hardware like our signature interlocking GGs in the chain, and incorporating semi-precious stones such as tiger’s eye, moonstone and hematite into our studs.

My lifetime of immersion in art and culture, coupled with a decade’s worth of experience in designing handbags in Milan and NYC with the most sought-after brands, gives me a distinct flair for artistry that I hope is evident in each detail of GG Maull. Wearing one of my aesthetically hand-crafted bags gives women beauty and confidence. In a world that often makes it difficult for women to feel both feminine and powerful, I want GG Maull to be a type of armor for us all – with my bags you will look good, feel better and take on your greatest challenges, unencumbered!

And last but not least is the value that brings it all together: purpose.  This broad term can relate to so many topics, so I choose to focus on purpose by leaning into conscious capitalism. Through all layers of our production process, we pay homage to the era before fast-fashion by exercising sustainably responsible choices. To maintain the GG Maull commitment to high quality and ethics, all our leather is sourced in Italy, where the strictest regulations are applied to tanneries in terms of environmental sensitivity and respect for human capital.

I travel to Italy to source leather and python skins by personally visiting each tannery and factory to oversee that these regulations along with GG Maull’s standards are being put into practice. The artisans who handcraft GG Maull bags work in comfortable, safe conditions, and are paid commensurate to the talent, skills, and care that they apply to each GG Maull handbag.  I also take a stand for conscious capitalism by producing each silhouette and color in my line in small batches to limit degradation of the environment. 

When you buy a GG Maull bag and step into my world, you’re not only honoring the artisans that create each design with me by their side, but also you’re caring for yourself and the environment by choosing thoughtful quality and a meaningful luxury process.  I want each bag of mine that is carried to be a celebration of female power, of fashion, and ultimately of freedom!

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  • I am so inspired by what you are accomplishing, impressed by your vision and proud to flaunt my GG Maull precious handbags. You are a role model for us all! I learn from you everyday and feel privileged to be a small part of this effort You are making such a difference and I applaud your mission.

    Jean Marie Hill on

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