GG in the WILD : Hands-free in the Hamptons

GG in the WILD : Hands-free in the Hamptons

Welcome to our first installment of GG in the Wild!

This is a space where we will unveil new content every month (at least!) that celebrates the fashion Rebels who inspire us every day.

GG Maull Rebels are bold entrepreneurs and fearless leaders who are making a difference in their chosen fields. They’re the women that spark the fire of daring inspiration and encourage us to let out our own inner Rebel.

We are kicking off the GG in the Wild series with a photo diary of 7 Rebels who gathered in Southampton this month to have the ultimate Hands-Free Hamptons experience with my signature belt bags and patented holsters. What seemed to just be an excuse to gather cool group of women to go wine tasting out East, quickly turned into a weekend of brainstorming business ideas, talking about what matters most to us in the world, and connecting with kindred spirits.

I’ve been designing belt bags and holsters for several seasons – and right now belt bags are having a major moment. You couldn’t look at photos from Fashion Month and not see a street style star wearing one. As much as I love that everyone is re-visiting the fanny pack, I didn’t create these styles to be trendy…to be honest I was designing them before they were a thing.

I would bet that while many of you may have seen a belt bag, you haven’t actually experienced the true glory of going all the way to wear one. There’s no better way to tempt you to the hands-free side than to really SHOW you how these styles can open up your world, with the help of some feisty Rebels – Grace, Mary, Blair, Krystal, Taryn, Alex and me.  

We started the hands-free festivities on Saturday afternoon with an al fresco lunch from Round Swamp Farm at my home in Southampton. Next up was the obligatory photo opp moment at Seven Ponds Farm – we frolicked in sunflower fields, we picked apples and ate them on the spot, we basically created photos for the ultimate 90’s girl band album cover. And the whole time no one had to put a bag on the ground, hand a purse to a friend to take a selfie, or shuffle things around on their arms to carry more sunflowers. It was the best, we all felt so free!

Next on the itinerary was a stop at Wolffer Estate Wine Stand to watch the sunset, listen to music and dance in a field. We picnicked with ease and were able to taste all the wine with both hands, since no one had to carry a wallet or phone.

Then a delicious dinner at Sant Ambroeus in celebration of a Rebel’s birthday! Have you ever noticed when you go out with a group of girls that the table is covered in bags and there’s no room for plates or wine glasses? Not this time! Everyone rocked her belt bag or holster while sitting down - they’re so comfortable that you forget you have them on

The night ended back at my house, outside under the stars, where everyone let her guard down and really shared her passions and inspirations. It is such a gift to get a group of smart women together – we never really turn off, there’s always someone up for a creative discussion about what’s happening in the world. We finally retired in the wee hours of the morning, and in our rooms we had self-care treats from some other brands I adore – Lake Pajamas, Perpetual Shade Sleep Masks and Aromatherapy Associates. We even slept in style!

Sunday morning greeted us with more sunshine…and a light hangover. We powered through and went bike riding into town for a light lunch at the Golden Pear. Seeing all of our Rebels riding wild with their holsters and belt bags brought me such joy.

As the weekend came to a close and our Rebels headed back to the city, two things really struck me. First, it was shocking to see how the same bag style looked so different on each of our Rebels. The bag is such a chameleon – from the edgy rocker to the preppy lady to the high sophisticate – it works with every single look. Grace has even gone on to wear hers with a sequined gown by Rixo – Rebel style at its finest!

But more importantly, I found that going all the way “hands-free” helped us all to disconnect and bond more. Maybe because our phones were so easy to get to, we felt less pressure to always have them out or on standby? I don’t know about you but I end up holding my phone in my hand, outside of my purse when I carry a big bag, for faster access. With belt bags and holsters I know my essentials are right there by my side or at my waist, so I can focus more on my friends and enjoying the moment. This feeling was contagious and I saw each of these women take a deep breath and step away from her screen, and embrace the company and experience in the moment

So what are you waiting for…are you ready to try hands-free yet?? 

Stay on the ride with us and check back here and on social for the next GG in the Wild feature. We’re going to do our first individual profile on Rebel Taryn Anderson, an ultra-talented photographer and creative who is currently working on a top-secret documentary style project with an up-and-coming musician. There’s no one more confident, empowered or fun – I can’t wait for you to meet her!

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