Behind the Design: The BOSS Belt Bag

Behind the Design: The BOSS Belt Bag

When it comes to our designs GG Maull stands out in the crowd. Not only is our founder and creative director an independent female designer and CEO, but GG Maull is committed to conciencous capitalism and ethical constriction. Our Italian and local artisans are treated with dignity. Their love, knowledge, and attention to detail are incorporated into each GG Maull handbag. 

Unique and individual designs is what GG Maull is all about. Instead of producing full collections we are going to break the mold set for fashion and create individual handbags- starting with our Boss Belt Bag.

Take a look from start to finish on how we produced this multi-wear belt bag with ATTITUDE for days.


We typically start with a mood board and sketch our different ideas in 2D until we come up with the perfect combination. Instead, for the Boss Belt Bag, we first found the chain on our most recent trip to Italy- we knew it would be a rebellious edition to one of our current best-selling silhouettes. At GG Maull, we are always inspired by powerful women and power dressing of the 80's and this chain reflects those vibes in every way.

Gretchen then created the bag in 3D while she was in Italy working directly with our Italian Artisans. Together they created, corrected and edited the first sample!




Once it was perfect, Gretchen sat and did the technical sketches right there in the middle of the factory for production.




We are proud to practice small batch production only. We made a production run of 13 for this belt bag. 13 was always Gretchen's lucky number as a child because it was her father's- he was born on the 13th of February and her grandparents lived at 13 Franklin St.

Every woman needs to have a handbag that can carry the tools she needs and allow her to have both hands free- at GG Maull we strive to improve the lives of our customers, and believe that as your day changes your handbag should change with it. Our Boss Belt Bag allows women to convert from a hands-free belt bag during her active day to a sophisticated shoulder or mini bag in the evening, and so much more.



We believe women can accomplish more with two hands free. Our beautiful and functional handbags improve the lives of the women who wear them.

Attitude for days – our Boss Belt Bag designed with a bold gold chain gives off 80’s power dressing vibes. Wear as a belt bag or cross-body for a maximal hands-free life. 


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