Behind the Design: The Rebel Holster

Behind the Design: The Rebel Holster

Ever realized you need an extra hand? Or maybe an extra pocket? To solve this problem of never having enough hands to accomplish her day, our founder and designer Gretchen Maull created our signature Rebel Holster.


GG Maull delivers functionality through handbags that can be worn multiple ways, including hands-free, and with even weight distribution. Our objectives in delivering these features are to provide customers the feelings of lightness, freedom, strength, and security. 

Women fill multiple roles during the day, perhaps mother in the morning to executive by day, to sexy dinner companion or concert-goer at night. And while these roles certainly bear their respective shares of responsibilities women don't have to feel anchored down any more. 

With the GG Maull "multi-wear" approach, each woman can feel that as her role transitions, so can her handbag. Our hands-free Rebel Holster and Belt Bag were designed specifically with multi-faceted women in mind to give them the feelings of lightness, freedom and preparedness that currently aren't accessible to them. 

Our patent-pending Rebel Holster:
- High functionality
- Multi-wear: 2 ways to go hands-free
- Ergonomics/even weight distribution
- Unique patent-pending design
- Made in Italy 
- Made from Italian Leather & high quality materials that last a lifetime 


The hands-free holster lifestyle has been endorsed by many GG Rebels including Veronica Webb, Rocky Barnes, and Krystal Bick... just to name a few!


We are passionate about designing beautiful and functional handbags that empower the women who wear them.  

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