Rebel Sessions: Part 1 NYC

Rebel Sessions: Part 1 NYC

Welcome to the first ever recap of our Rebel Sessions!
What is a Rebel Session? At GG Maull, we want to create more than just a fabulous functional handbag… our goal is to celebrate and build a community to go with it. Our vision is to build an entrepreneurial spirited community of multifaceted women who encourage each other to take risks and achieve their goals.
Our first session and Galentine’s Day lunch focused on how to love ourselves and to find ways to celebrate our successes big and small.
Our Rebels that were able to be in attendance were wined and dined in the presence of GG talks from our founder and designer Gretchen Maull. Although we do want to keep a little bit of the session private for the lucky few that were able to attend, we will say that the laughs and BOSSY conversation were not at a minimum.



We are passionate about designing beautiful and functional handbags that allow women to carry the tools they need to conquer the world and we are so happy that we have been able to share this journey with all of you.
From one squadra to another, thank you for your continuing support and encouragement- building our accessories empire (one step at a time) would not be the same without all of you!
Want to come to our next session? Trust me, we want to see you there! Grab yourself a GG Maull bag and you’ll be added to our list.
Next location will be announced soon!

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