GG Maull: Designed in NYC and Made in ITALY


After attending University in Milan at Istituto Marangoni, it was only natural to produce my handbag collection in Italy. After a year of driving throughout the country, with few leads, I found a small factory outside of Bergamo that was perfect for GG Maull. After months of negotiations we made a deal for production to start and everything was coming together. On my visit to see GG Maull’s first sales samples, the factory informed me that they had agreed to an exclusive relationship with Chanel. In shock and disbelief, I cried in the parking lot and wondered if it was possible for an upstart fashion designer with low minimus and no track record to find a skilled and reliable factory.

A few weeks later I was back in Italy at the mill that produces the GG Maull lining. Through a connection there, I was put in touch with an Italian agent that could assist me in finding a manufacturer. On my 5th trip back to tour factories, I found a beautiful factory in Emilia Romagna that produced handbags for Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and Prada. A little out of my league. On my second visit to the factory, the owner delivered the bad news, he could not commit to our production. The factory owner sensing my dejection introduced me to his two sons who had just opened their own small factory. Since they were young and ambitious like myself, we hit it off. Maurizio, the charming younger brother, drove me to visit his smaller factory in Anzola D’Emillia.

Our Italian Family

Maurizio began working with leather goods at the age of 14. He is a true Italian craftsman. We began working together in 2015 producing GG Maull’s debut collection.I have watched him work with top craftsman, seamstress and pattern makers from around the country, most of whom were working for his father. Many of these talented artisans have since come to work with Maurizio because of the admiration they have for him.

A team of 10 employees make our entire 500 handbag production order by hand. The factory runs like a family, his wife and two daughters come for lunch and after school to lend a hand. When you purchase a GG Maull handbag, you are not only supporting our small group of 4 in New York City but also Maurizio and his team. The love and care for family is put into each and every handbag by our Italian American squadra.

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