Behind the Scenes: GG Maull's SS18 Over the Rainbow Collection Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Our SS18 Over The Rainbow Collection Shoot

♦ New York, NY



The Over the Rainbow Collection embodies the liberating boldness of females. Inspired by exquisite compact cases from the 1920’s when applying makeup in public was a sign of female independence to 1980’s aerobics, track suits and the female entrepreneurs who wore them. What better way to represent our collection than a photo shoot that was created by bossy  independent women? We took to the streets of New York and the community that surrounds our headquarters to capture the lifestyle of a GG Rebel.



Our morning started out with coffee and croissants (carbs and caffeine of course) and reviewing the inspiration behind the shoot and what we were hoping for the final imagines to look like. Followed by one, two (or three) more run-throughs of outfits and we were ready to hit the streets of NYC… cue the rain.

The moment we stepped outside the rain decided to not stop falling for the rest of the day. We didn’t let that rain on our parade (pun intended) and instead switched up our whole shoot on the ride to the first location. Talk about the team coming together, we had back-up plans within minutes.


 “If it never rains, then we’ll never grow.”



From the streets of Chinatown to the park outside of our offices- we were in our NYC element. Instead of being stuck to a list we let the new locations we were in lead the way to the best shots. Thanks the kind gentleman who let us use a few aisles of his grocery store (and for the yummy snacks because we got hungry, again) and to everyone in our building that let us steal the elevator for a good portion of the day (sorry guys), we got a pure collection of photos that represented some of our favorite inspiration shots and the lifestyle of a GG Rebel in the city.

What is a GG Rebel you ask? She is entrepreneurial spirited, encourages other women to take risks and strives her hardest to achieve her goals. You can find her running down the street to her next meeting, picking up her kids from school, heading to her next class… she could be you or anyone around you. We are passionate about designing beautiful and functional handbags that allow these women to carry the tools they need to conquer the world.

Women supporting women is something that needs to happen MORE- especially in the world of work. Other women are not your competition, stand with them not against them. We hope that our photos will inspire this mindset and let’s work together to make 2018 a historical year for women.


-xoxo Team GG



Find out about the rest of our lovely (and BOSSY) team that helped make our shoot possible:






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