GG Diaries: Get To Know Our Newest Style, The Cocktail Clutch

Our Newest Style: The Cocktail Clutch


The Over the Rainbow collection embodies the liberating boldness of females. Our Cocktail Clutch was inspired by exquisite compact cases from the 1920’s when applying makeup in public was a sign of female independence.



Just like you- we’ve been looking for two things since we learned about the world of fashion, the perfect little black dress and the essential evening bag. But looking for both have proved to be harder than one would imagine. First, does the dress or bag really exist? We’re here to tell you it does (well at least the bag)… and you don’t have to look very far to find it.

During our searches high and low, online and in person, we found that most evening clutches we were such similar styles- with maybe a slight variation or two. We needed something new and functional… and when the influx of requests came in from our GG Rebels about the lack of eclectic evening bags in the market, we knew it was time to step in.

Art Deco is at the root of all GG Maull handbags. You can find it in our signature triple pointed diamond all the way to the shape of our semi-precious stones- and when it comes to designing, our inspiration is most often found in vintage pieces. From the buildings that scatter the five boroughs of New York City to the mass photos of our vintage fashion books in the GG library, Gretchen searches high and low for the most eye catching designs. All of which inspire the handbags you have come to know and love.

When it came to creating the Cocktail Clutch, she was drawn to different cosmetic cases from the 1920’s. The structure and powerful meaning of them lead to the fierce design that is structured yet moves, and is functional, yet multifaceted.





What was your inspiration behind the cocktail clutch?

“Vintage has always been a huge inspiration for me, especially Art Deco pieces. I even had my 30th (I mean 25th) birthday with a “Great Gretchen (Gatsby)” theme. I was most influenced by the bejeweled compact cases that women used to apply makeup in the 192o’s & 30’s. Back then, applying make up in public was a sign of female independence- a liberating era where women fighting for their rights and respect.”


Why the fringe?

“I LOVE fringe!!! Flappers in the 20’s always wore fringe- it was about being confident, a little bit extra and having movement in their outfits instead of stiff clothing. I love the movement of the fringe when you dance. I recommend wearing our Cocktail Clutch as a bracelet- simply clasp the hook to the chain around your wrist for a hands-free night out on the town.”


What is your favorite part about this style?

“The shape of how it stands up, like a cocktail glass. It looks slim but can hold an iPhone Plus. The Silver Ayers Snake is beautiful with white brushstrokes on top; adding an second dimension to the skin. I love every detail, our signature lining to the little hexagon feet. One of the best parts of designing is being able to add a little love into the tiniest of details.”


What’s your favorite way to wear it?

“I love wearing mine on my wrist with a casual outfit on a night out to dinner with my hubby or dressing up my cocktail dress at a black tie event. Accessorizing is my favorite part of getting ready. I love to lay out all my accessories together before even selecting the clothing. It is a bit backwards but fun… give it a try! You might see your wardrobe in a whole new light.”



***WARNING: THIS STYLE WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE STOPPED BY STRANGERS ASKING WHERE YOU GOT YOUR BAG. But we promise, this is the only problem you will have… and at least you will know right where to send them!***




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